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Base Defense Photo courtesy of:

Charles E. Penley
377th Combat Security Police Squadron
Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Vietnam APO 96307

Assigned:  October 1967 - July 1969

Section:   Charlie Sector, Foxtrot Sector, Sentry Dog Section

Air Base Defense In The Republic Of Vietnam 1961-1973, by then Major Roger P. Fox.          (278 pages)

Published by the Office Of Air Force History, United States Air Force, Washington, D.C., 1979.

It is considered the ultimate authority for information pertaining to the United States Air Force Bases in Vietnam.  There were ten bases in all.
Battle For Saigon Photo courtesy of:  Charles E. Penley

The Battle For Saigon, Tet 1968, by Keith William Nolan.          (276 pages.)

Is a very accurate piece of journalism.

The first six chapters describes in detail, the Attack On Tan Son Nhut, during TET 1968.
Mission Vietnam Photo courtesy of:  Charles E. Penley

Mission Vietnam is an un-officical publication of the Seventh Air Force, for distribution to Seventh Air Force personnel.
(66 pages)

Numerous photographs, pertaining to our military jobs and lives, while in Vietnam.

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