January 2003
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My personal favorite title for this cartoon has always been "Grunts to the Rescue" (and God bless them one and all).  Making light of a situation like this that took place far to many times in Vietnam haunted me for many years.  That haunting was one of the reasons I never pursued publishing my Vietnam Cartoons (despite an offer from a Dallas publisher).  Today I reflect back and try to remember how young I was when I drew it ... how young we all were when I drew this and many other Vietnam cartoons.  In the light of that reflection, I recall the humor we all sought in one form or another to lift our spirits.  Today, I hope you will too ... from 1964 to 1969 I drew "Grunts to the Rescue," and all of my Vietnam and military cartoons especially for the young men we all once were.

John Burke

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