Security Police, Special Security Instructions
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SPECIAL SECURITY INSTRUCTION       377TH Security Police Squadron
NUMBER                                            21                                          APO 96307
                                                                                                     1 October 1967


     1.  LOCATION:  Your post will be in a one man bunker.  Your Sector NCOIC
will designate the specific bunker each night prior to your being posted.  The limits of
your post is inside the bunker assigned.

     2.  HOURS AND MANNING:  2000 - 0400 hours, seven (7) days a week.
This is a one (1) man post.

     3.  UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT:  Uniform will be in accordance with
377th SPSR 35-1.  Equipment will be an M-16 Rifle with 126 rounds of ammunition,
steel helmet with liner, whistle, flashlight, foul weather gear, portable radio, and SSI
for this post.


     a.  This is a challenging post at all times.

     b.  You will be especially alert for intruders and infiltrators within your area.  You
are not an entry controller to the flight line and any person attempting to cross your
post will be stopped.

     c.  All incidents will be immediately reported to CSC.

     d.  You will know the Sign/Counter Sign and Maintenance Number (SOI #23)
and its proper use.

     e.  You will be familiar with and comply with the “Firearms Policy” as outlined in
377th SPSR 136-6, MACV rules of Engagement and Challenging Procedures
(SOI #20.)

Weapon Systems Security Operations Officer

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