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SPECIAL SECURITY INSTRUCTION                         377th Security Police Squadron
NUMBER                                        19                                                      APO 96307
                                                                                                                June 24, 1969


1.  LOCATION:  Your post is Tower 10.  The limits of this post are the interior of the observation portion of the tower at all times except when on an approved break.  (This SSI is applicable to T-1, T-10, and T-Alpha).

2.  HOURS AND MANNING:  Twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week.  This is a two (2) man post.As required by the security mission.

3.  UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT::  Uniform will be in accordance with 377th SPSR 35-4.  Equipment will be an M-16 rifle with 180 rounds of ammunition, immediately available, steel helmet with liner, portable radio, flashlight (during the hours of darkness), foul weather gear, binoculars, special sighting and observations equipment, and all other equipment specified specifically for your post by your supervisor.


     a.  All persons attempting to climb your tower will be challenged.  If possible, you will challenge all personnel approaching your position.

     b.  You will remain inside the tower to detect any unusual activity within sight of your post.  Any unusual or unauthorized activity within sight of your post will be immediately reported to CSC by radio, giving the correct location of the activity upon its occurrance.  Location will always be given to CSC in direct relationship to an established Security Police Post and/or in a mills reading.

     c.  You will insure that you exert every effort to maintain constant proficiency in your ability to distinguish the differences between the sound and appearance of the different types of weapons available to the enemy so that you can report factual and expert infortion to CSC.

     d.  During hostilities you will not attempt to engage in a fire fight unless fire is being directed at you.  It is highly essential that your position is not observed by the enemy.  You are the single most important element of this installation's defense.  You will take only those actions necessary for the defense of yourself, your position, and your assigned equipment.  Unless specifically ordered or cleared to do so otherwise, you will not remove yourself from your tower during actual or imminent attacks of any nature on this installation or the surrounding area.

     e.  Based upon the lessons learned in this theater of operation, it is clear that your reaction time in sighting an enemy effort,

This SSI supersedes SSI # 19, dated 13 November 1968

particularly in relationship to artillary assaults, must be nearly instantaneous reaction.  You will exert every effort to insure that to the extent possible you are scanning 360 degree from your position and never dwelling in a specific area until the action is clearly committed to that area.  On the multi-manned towers, only one operator will focus his attention to the specific action.

     f.  Because of the importance placed on your position, you will be assured the latitude necessary, with the radio communication equipment, for you to effectively operate your position. vYou will be cautious however to insure that you do not take unnecessary advantage of this right and that you do not relay too much information and therefore compromise our position to the enemy.

     g.  You will know the Sign/Countersigh and Ramp Code and its proper use.

     h.  You will be familiar with and comply with the "Firearms Policy", MACV Rules of Engagement, and Challenging Procedures.

5.  EXPLANATION OF TERMS:  The following terms are clarified for you assistance, as they are used on Tan Son Nhut AB:

     a.  Incoming Rockets:You have observed the rocket launch or rockets in flight, and from your experience, you know it will impact on TSN.

     b.  Possible Incoming Rocket(s):  You have observed rocket(s) being launched or in flight and they may land on TSN, but you are not sure.  If there is any chance at all that they may impact on the base, use this term.

     c.  Other rocket sightings should be reported as "rocket(s) firing in North, heading east, mil reading _________", or "rocket(s) being launched West, impacting in South Saigon."  Information of this type will be reported by available communications.

     d.  The above reporting terms will be used by Alternate CSC and the Base Command Post to activate the base siren. vThe important thing to remember is this:  The Commander desires that the siren be activated if there is the least possibility that the rockets will impact on Tan Son Nhut. vWhen in doubt, report them as "possible incoming rockets" so the siren can be sounded.

W. D. Doran, Captain, USAF
Weapon Systems Security Operations Officer

Weapon Systems Security Operations Officer

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