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    1962 Jul 12   First U.S. Air Force Airman Wounded By Enemy Fire
  1963 Sep 20   COMUSMACV, Saigon Embassy, Eyes Only
    1964 Sep 13   Flares over Saigon, CIA
    1967 Oct   The Airman Magazine
    1968 prior   Tan Son Nhut Base Brochure
    1968 Jan 31   TET Offensive, 716th Military Police BN Timeline
    1968 Jan 30   Project CHECO, Air Response To The TET Offensive
    1968 May 6   Attack On Tan Son Nhut, After Action Report
    1968 May 6   The Viet Cong Attack That Failed
    1968 Jun 15   Technical Intelligence Brief No 2-68
    1968 Jun   Inprocessing 90th Replacement Detachment and R & R
    1968 Jun 13   Rockets Hit Tan Son Nhut
    1968 Jun 13   Soldiers Rushed To Saigon After Heaviest Attack
    1968 Jul 1   History of the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wg
    1968 Oct 1   19th Special Operation Squadron, Oct -  Dec Report.
    1968 Dec 1   Billy Graham comes to Tan Son Nhut
    1969 Jan 1   19th Special Operation Squadron, Jan -  Mar Report.
    1969 Apr 1   19th Special Operation Squadron, Apr -  Jun Report.
    1969 Jul 1   19th Special Operation Squadron, Jul -  Sep Report.
    1969 Oct 1   19th Special Operation Squadron, Oct -  Dec Report.
    1971 Jan 28   Terminate Herbacide
    1971 Jul 1   377th Combat Support Group, Historical Report
    1975 Sep 1   377th Combat Support Group Lineage
    1975 Sep 1   377th Combat Air Police/ Security Police Awards
    1977 Sep 1   315th Military Airlift Wing Lineage and Honors
    2005 Nov 23   NEMO's War Dog Heroes Memorial

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