Special thanks to these individuals for their historical photographs in this collection.
   Avera, Jimmy / 1876th Communications Squadron
   Beaty, Roger / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Betancourt, Tony / 377th Security Police Squdron
   Blades, Larry / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Borland, Dale / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Brogdon, James T. / 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron
   Brown, Dewey / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Butler, Dave / 232nd Signal Co., 39th Signal BN., US Army
   Butz, Tim / 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
   Carmichael, Floyd / 377th Combat Support Group, Field Maintenance Squadron
   Carvell, Rich / 12th Reconnaissance Intelligence Technical Squadron
   Cary, Earl / 33rd ABRON
   Creamer, Edward / 377th Civil Engineering Squadron
   Dawkins, Don / 460th Armament and Electronic Maintenance Squadron
   Dodge, Ted / 377th Supply Squadron
   Dugan, James / 90th Replacement Battalion, Camp Alpha
   Duncan, Angela / Civilian
   Dunn, Jim / 460th Field Maintenance Squadron
   Edwards, Gary / Fuel Systems Maintenance
   Fry, Larry / Detachment 8, 2nd ADVON
   Hatfield, Harlan / 460th AEMS
   Henry, W. C. "Chuck" / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Herrick, Rod / 716th Military Police Battalion
   Lettau, Rick / 823rd Civil Engineer Squadron, "Red Horse"
   Miller, James "Skip" / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Modgling, Arthur / 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron and Scatback Aircraft
   Odell, Edward / 377th Supply Squadron
   Palermo, Anthony / 6220th Air Base Group
   Parker, Don / 360th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
   Peebles, Farley / 377th Combat Support Group, Base Commander
   Penley, Charles / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Plonski, Tony / 460th AEMS
   Poss, Don / 366th Security Police Squadron
   Ramey, William / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Redlinski, Gary / US Army Mortuary, Graves Registration ID Specialist
   Rivers, Steve / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Rosinski, Thomas / 7th Air Force Plans, Administrative NCOIC
   Simpson, Gilbert / 33rd CAMRON (2nd Air Div) and 377th A&E
   Sirrine, Michael / US Army, 507th Transportation Group
   Stewart, James / 377th Security Police Squadron
   Tidwell, Tony / 460th Field Maintenance Shop
   Tkachuk, Nicholas "Nick" / 5th Comm. Sq., 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo)

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