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Name:  Jack SmithFeb 18, 2017

Comments:  Here is a photo, I hope someone can name the unknown troop.

This was taken sometime in 1969, 377th SPS, we were all LE.

Thought you might put it on the 377th bulletin board that you maintain.

I have some others, I just have to keep searching for them.

James Beam was a SSgt. Ted Jaquith was our desk Sgt. Jack, just the Old Main Gate troop.

Name:  Frank RuizFeb 18, 2017

Comments:  I served in Tan Son Nhut under 821st, then was sent to Tan Son Nhut under 377th SPS.

How can find out which section I served in?

Also from Bing, in Tan Son Nhut I received the Air Force Commendation Medal.
Name:  David L. Good  (Bravo Sector)Feb 18, 2017

Comments:  My name is David L. Good, I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut Air Base from 11/1966 to 11/1967.

I was assigned to "C" flight Bravo Sector.

I and Ray Cyre were guards at the east end (I believe) of the runway at the POL dump.

Looking for some I was stationed with especially Raymond Cyre from Nashville, TN area.

Also would like to sign the book.

Thank You
Name:  SSGT Rafe D. Holmes  (72d Security Forces Squadron)Feb 08, 2017

Comments:  This is an amazing site that truly captures our Defenders' heritage.

I recommend all Security Forces Airmen visit this site to learn more about the history of their career field to gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices of our SP forefathers during the Vietnam War.

Defensor Fortis,

SSgt Rafe D. Holmes
72d Security Forces Squadron
Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
Name:  Gary F. Ceschini  (Base Police, Charlie Flight)Feb 08, 2017

Comments:  Sgt. Gary F. Ceschini, 377th Security Police Sq. Law Enforcement, Charlie Flight March 1972 to March 1973.

Thank you for your site.

Brought back lots of memories.

Darn good job.
Name:  Charles Penley  (Sentry Dogs)Jan 14, 2017

Comments:  For the 377th Security Policemen, and other interested individuals, the 377th Security Police Squadron Newsletter, Volume 1, 2016, is available.

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Click on the “2016” button and Volume 1 will be the next thing you see.

Charles Penley
Editor, 377th SPS Newsletter
Name:  Thom Bell  (377th SPS)Jan 01, 2017

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Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2017

Comments:  Happy New Year to one and all !!!  We have gotten together many times in 2016.   Helped in sharing our memories and helped other veterans, with their search, for answers.  We all hope that 2017 will be a better year than 2016.

Stay warm and safe,

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2017

Comments:  FROM THE WEB MASTER: Today is Jan 01, 2017. I hope that everyone had their wishes granted from the year 2016. However, I am personally wishing each and every one of you a better year in 2017. So what do you want to talk about this year? I would like to hear from all who come to this web page. How can this web page help you get better informed?

Charles Penley

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