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Name:  Darcie De Wolf  September 14, 2018


My brother, Sergeant Dale Lee De Wolf, served with the 377th Security Police Sqdn, 377th Air Base Wing 13th AF.

I am searching for any information regarding him.

He passed away a year before I was born, our father passed away when I was young and I never got to know anything about my brother.

His service picture had always hung on my wall and I'm very proud of his service, but I'd love any information or stories anyone had about him.

My email address is above. I'd love if anyone has stories or memories of him, I'd truly appreciate it.

Darcie De Wolf

Name:  Daniel Simonsen  August 25, 2018


I'm writing to sign your guestbook for the 377th Security Forces Webpage.

My father was Earl Simonsen. He was stationed at Tan Son Nhut ~Jan 1968 to Feb 1969 as the 377th SPS Superintendent.

We're not exactly sure what date he arrived as his military records were destroyed during the St Louis Records fire. During his tour in Vietnam he pinned on Chief.

I have most of his military records but I am missing his EPR from Jan-Jun 1969.

We were always told that the arrived that he arrived right as Tet was kicking off.

What would be the best way to try to find people who may have known him? If you would like, I could send you a photo of him during his time in 377th.

Daniel Simonsen

Name:  John Langley  (Sentry Dogs)July 05, 2018


I am sorry to tell you that Gene Hawkins has liver cancer.

He will have surgery on July 11, 2018 at the Michael E. De Bakey VA hospital in Houston, TX.

The address there is 2002 Holconbe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030.

Gene is in good spirits. He would like to pass on to his buddies that they should have their livers checked.

Apparently there is a parasite that buries itself in the liver. Many Vietnam veterans are suffering from this ailment.

Gene handled "Eric" A939 from August 1969-1971.

Here is a photo of Gene and his wife Vicki.

John Langley

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)May 31, 2018


At URL: http://www.377sps.org/videos/index.html

You will see that a brand new video has been posted. It is 28 min 17 sec long.

This video was created by Tim and Patty Clifford for the 2018 377th SPS Reunion in Albuquerque.

On my computer, it loaded up the entire video before it started to play.

Please be patient as it loads. It took approximately four minutes to load on my computer.

Charles Penley
Name:  Mark A. Randol   May 11, 2018

Comments:  My former FAA and TSA colleague, David Knudson, was a member of the 377th Security Police Squadron, at Tan Son Nhut Air Base and was there during the Tet offensive.

Enlisted with tours in Taiwan and Germany; officer (1978-82) with tours in Korea and at the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Mark A. Randol
USAF Veteran, (1972-76)

377th Security Forces Group, Heritage Room

Vietnam/Thailand Mini-Reunion 2018, Dayton, Ohio display
Name:  Charles Penley  (Sentry Dog Section)Apr 24, 2018

Comments:  For anyone who was at the recent 2018 Reunion, at Kirkland Air Force Base and went to the room where it was dedicated to the Security Police, then please send me some of the photographs, from that room.

I definately would like to see what all is in there.

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Apr 18, 2018

Comments:  At URL: http://www.377sps.org/videos/index.html

I have posted a 2 minute and 56 second video of A2C Charles R. Steel, Sentry Dog Section.

The 600th Photo Squadron originally shot this footage.

There is no audio.

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Apr 02, 2018

Comments:  Where exactly on Tan Son Nhut was the firing range located?

I would also like to have some photographs of it, if possible.

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Mar 27, 2018

Comments:  A friend of mine has come across some memorabilia of TSgt Roy D. Brooks, Tan Son Nhut Air Base, 1966 - 1967 time frame.

David Fox, purchased the grouping on eBay from a military dealer in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

1.  Does anyone know if TSgt Brooks is still alive?

2.  Does anyone know where TSgt Brooks might be buried at, or have his obituary?

3.  Does anyone have a good photograph of him?

Charles Penley
  377th Combat Security Police Squadron Attendees
Apr 19 - 22, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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There are currently 144 people registered to attend.
Adriance, Fred and Sarah
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Wyatt, Bill and Marlene
Wymer, Jack (Zeke) and Gail
Ybarbo, Frank and Olivia

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Mar 23, 2018

Comments:  To all the Air Policemen who was with the 377th SPS, 13 April 1966, please see the below graphic.

That was the day you received 243 rockets and mortar rounds in thirteen minutes.

6 Army personnel and 1 Navy personnel was killed in action.

You are entitled to the AFOUA with "Valor"

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Feb 26, 2018

Comments:  At URL: http://www.377sps.org/documents/index.html

I have posted three new articles.

1. 7th Air Force News p. 4-5, Aug 25, 1972
2. Pacific Stars & Stripes, Dec 07, 1972
3. Joint Base San Antonio Legacy, Feb 09, 2018 (50th Anniversary of TET Offensive)

Click on the year to access the new documents.

Charles Penley
Name:  Robert Saged  (15th Combat Engineers, 9th Inf Div)Feb 07 2018

Comments:  I am a researcher with the Coffeltdatabase.org

We are trying to find our what happened to Sgt John Robert Piner, 377th Combat Security Police, died Mar 11, 1970, non-hostile, died of other causes.

The offical records only say non-hostile, died outright, from other causes, Illness or disease.

Can you or anyone help us?

Robert Sage
Vietnam 1968-1969-1970
15th Combat Engineers, 9th Inf Div
Mekong Delta

Name:  Tim Clifford  (Base Police)Jan 13, 2018



Tim Clifford

Name:  Tim Clifford  (Base Police)Jan 04, 2018


To reserve your room, click on the following link:



Tim Clifford

From Col Mel Grover regarding the TET 50th anniversary reunion, January 30-31, 2018.
Tet 50th
TET 50th Anniversary Reunion
Click the .pdf on the left and you will read the information about the TET 50th anniversary reunion, January 30-31, 2018, provided by Col Mel Grover.
Reunion 2018.

Here is a picture of the challenger coin that will be for sale at the reunion in Albuquerque.

We just received 100 coins so if anyone is not attending the reunion or would like extra coins now they are available for sale and I will mail them out to you.

The coins are $9.00 each plus $3.50 postage. The $3.50 postage fee covers 1 to 3 coins. Postage of $4.50 will cover 4 to 8 coins. Please make the check out to me (Tim Clifford).

Since I have a limited quantity, if you are interested in purchasing coins please email me and I will reserve them for you and will mail them when I receive your check.

Reunion Raffle 2018
377th SPS, Dinky Dau Raffle 2018.
Click the .pdf on the left and you will read the information about the Dinky Dau Raffle for the upcoming 377th Security Police Squadron, 2018 Reunion.  Reunion 2018.

Hotel Reservation 2018
377th SPS, Hotel Reservation 2018.
Click the .pdf on the left and you will read the information about the hotel reservation for the upcoming 377th Security Police Squadron, 2018 Reunion.  Reunion 2018.

Reunion Registration
377th SPS, Reunion Reservation 2018.
Click the .pdf on the left and you will read the information about the hotel reservation for the upcoming 377th Security Police Squadron, 2018 Reunion.  Reunion 2018.

Name:  Tim Clifford  (Base Police)Oct 02, 2017

Comments:  This is the new challenger coin for sale.


Tim Clifford

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2018

Comments:  Happy New Year to one and all !!!  We have gotten together many times in 2017.   Helped in sharing our memories and helped other veterans, with their search, for answers.  We all hope that 2018 will be a better year than 2017.

Stay warm and safe,

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2018

Comments:  FROM THE WEB MASTER: Today is Jan 01, 2018. I hope that everyone had their wishes granted from the year 2017. However, I am personally wishing each and every one of you a better year in 2018. So what do you want to talk about this year? I would like to hear from all who come to this web page. How can this web page help you get better informed?

Charles Penley

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