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Calendar 2020
Nashville Airport Marriott
600 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

Reservation Desk - 1-615-889-9300

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Rooms: $129.00 plus tax

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Tim Clifford
Phone: 724-742-0180

  10th Reunion of the 377th Security Police Squadron.
The below named individuals have made hotel reservations or have paid registration fees to Tim Clifford.  There are currently 131 people registered to attend.
Adams, Mickey
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Reunion 2020
377th SPS, Reunion 2020
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Registration 2020
377th SPS, Registration 2020
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Name:  William Ryan  Jan 03, 2020


In the beginning of 1969 I was injured by the back-blast of a claymore mine which exploded in a natural cover fire off the approach end of the active runway where the enemy had penetrated the base perimeter during the 1968 Tet offensive. I was in that location to extinguish that fire, and my injury was witnessed by security police from the blockhouse guarding that area.

If you can find anyone in your organization who witnessed this incident, or who knew of the mine being placed there as part of the base perimeter defenses, please ask them to contact me to assist in my claim for that injury which blew off the tips of the little and ring fingers of my left hand.

My home phone is: 253-582-2480, (Lakewood, Washington state) and my best contact time is 0800-1000 hours, PDTime.

My email is:

Thank you for your time,and for the notice you placed in the Nov/Dec. DAV magazine.

Bill Ryan
Name:  Dale Oldani  (February 1971 - August 1971)Jan 03, 2020


Hi everyone. Dale Oldani here. Was there Feb 71 to Aug 71.

Hope to see and meet you all at the reunion.
Name:  Jonathan Duke  (December 1968 - December 1969)Jan 03, 2020


I am looking for any information for my late father in law John (Jack) Bernard Norton, from Staten Island New York.

He served with the 377th SPS at Tan Son Nhut Air Base from December 1968 - December 1969.

He passed away in October 2015 due to complication with COPD. We believe that it was in relation to Agent Orange.

If anyone remembers him please have them contact with me.

He was also was stationed at Kirkland AFB New Mexico (1967-1968) and Plattsburgh AFB New York (1969-1971)
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2020

Comments:  Happy New Year to one and all !!!  We have gotten together many times in 2018.   Helped in sharing our memories and helped other veterans, with their search, for answers.  We all hope that 2020 will be a better year than 2019.

Stay warm and safe,

Charles Penley
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Security Police)Jan 01, 2020

Comments:  FROM THE WEB MASTER: Today is Jan 01, 2020. I hope that everyone had their wishes granted from the year 2019. However, I am personally wishing each and every one of you a better year in 2020. So what do you want to talk about this year? I would like to hear from all who come to this web page. How can this web page help you get better informed?

Charles Penley

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