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Name:  Jim Stewart  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 31, 2021
Comments:  I got a call yesterday from Bill Wyatt.

We had a good visit but he informed me that he is having respiratory problems with fluid building up around his lungs that is having to be removed.

He asked me if I had heard if any of the guys we were stationed with had any similar problems and if it could be related to our exposure to Agent Orange and Malathion (the solution we dunked our dogs in).

His doctors think he has Mesothelioma which is usually related to inhaling airborne fibrous material like asbestos.

If you know of anyone we were with who might have something similar please contact Bill directly at:


Name:  Jim Stewart  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 31, 2021
Comments:  Brothers,

Does it seem possible that it has been 53 years since we were young men defending Tan Son Nhut Air Base in the dead of night when all hell broke loose.

I remember thinking "Oh Shit" when all of those tracer rounds went up at the departing freedom bird and I was never so thankful to see the sun come up.

I remember feeling the heat from the napalm being dropped off of the west side of the base even though I was on Kilo 15 (the firing range).

I know a lot of you were closer to the action than I was and I am glad you made it through the night.

I remember everyone waiting around the kennels to make sure all of the K9ers were OK and Freddie Bachmann finally getting there with Dutchess in a stolen jeep from Red Horse because the SP relief truck wouldn't let him on with that "killer dog".

When we went into the mess hall SPs and ARVN were shooting up at a radar dome thinking there was a sniper but when we came out of the mess hall they were bringing down a dead GI who was killed by friendly fire.

I remember a lot of things from back then which may or may not have happened but one thing I remember is that you are my brothers.

I love you guys!

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 31, 2021
Comments:  January 31, 1968, 0320 hours the Tet Offensive began.
That was fifty three years ago in reality but only yesterday, to those of us who went through that ordeal.
Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 30, 2021
Comments:  Three newly added presumptive conditions, which are bladder cancer, thyroidism and Parkinsonism, or Parkinson-like tremor symptoms.

If you are less than 100% disabled and have any of these conditions, file now.

Even though you may have filed prior and claims were denied in the past and who were diagnosed with one of those illnesses should now file for benefits.

I would definitely resubmit the claim.

If you have not filed, submit the claim and get it into the VA system as soon as possible.

Check with your nearest VSO or any other organizations that are filing claims for Vietnam Veterans.

Name:  Tim Clifford  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 29, 2021
Comments:  This relates to the final arrangements for retired Colonel Carl (Bernie) DeNisio (81), a Silver Star recipient of the Tet Offensive who died Thursday, January 21, 2021.

Due to Covid-19 protocols there are restrictions and the services are for the family and by special invitation.

The Mass from Holy Trinity Catholic Church and internment at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery will be live-streamed - details to follow.

Bernie was a strategic leader and past president of the USAF Security Forces Museum Foundation which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage and maintaining a place to honor security personnel who have served in the United States Air Corps and Air Force.

At URL: https://securityforcesmuseumfoundation.org/museum/

The Security Forces Academy is providing the flag detail and a bugler from the Band of the West for the internment.

The American flag presented to Mrs. DeNisio will have been flown at the Security Forces Museum on the January 31, 2021.

Cards may be sent to the family at this address:

Carolin DeNisio
19123 Birdsong W
San Antonio, TX 78258

Donations may be made to USAF Security Forces Museum Foundation, in memory of Col (Ret) Bernie DeNisio by using the link above.


Tim Clifford

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Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 01, 2021

Comments:  FROM THE WEB MASTER: Today is Jan 01, 2021. I hope that everyone had their wishes granted from the year 2020. However, I am personally wishing each and every one of you a better year in 2021. So what do you want to talk about this year? I would like to hear from all who come to this web page. How can this web page help you get better informed?

Charles Penley

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