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Name:  Larry Beeching   April 30, 2022
Comments:  My name is Larry Beeching and I served in the 377th at Tan Son Nuht from Jan 73 to March of 73.  I would like to become a member of your charter.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Larry Beeching
Name:  Steve Brown   April 06, 2022
Comments:  I am reaching out to you about a booklet that I saw on the 377th Security Police Squadron web page.

The booklet is, Air Police Combat Preparedness Personal Protection.

It is from Lackland AFB, AZR Course.

The scans on your site looks to be missing about 5-6 pages.

Any idea about getting a scan of the complete manual.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

To see the booklet, please go to URL:


Steve Brown

(Does anyone remember sending, Charles Penley, that booklet, in .pdf format?)

Name:  Leo Murray  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Mar 22, 2022

Hi Jim Stewart and Charles Penley,

I saw the attached Washington Post article, 3/22/2022, in today's Tampa Bay Times.

Nemo was one of 6 dogs honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC on 3/9/2022.

Three dogs were awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and three, including Nemo, the Medal for Bravery.

I thought you might want to share this with 377th SPS and the Vietnam Dog Handler Association.

I went through the K-9 school at Lackland in the spring of 1968 and saw Nemo often during that part of our training that took place at Lackland before we moved on to Medina AFS.

I was detailed on occassion to K-9 KP and came in close contact with Nemo.

I considered it an honor.

Please go to URL:


Leo Murray
B Flight, Towers, 69/70

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Feb 15, 2022

I have several 377th Security Policemen that needs to be identified, which section were they in and their time frame with us.

If you can help, then email me at the above address.

Please go to URL:  https://www.377sps.org/unidentified/index.html

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Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 01, 2022
Comments:  Today is, "New Years Day, 2022."