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Name:  Walt Parsons  (Sentry Dog Section)Mar 27, 2023

Saw this posted in a K9 handler email group and it really resonated with me, wondering if you could post it to our 377th guys.

Remember that very first day that you went on duty with your sentry dog?

It is something, that I will never forget.

I remember asking myself how/why I was so lucky to be one of the very few to be selected for such a great position.


Name:  Paul Matteo  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 31, 2023
Comments:  I am almost 73 years old and the affects of Agent Orange have made me feel 93.  It took over 40 years, to manifest and affect my life and Im sure the lives of my fellow Vietnam Vets.

I will never forget the 377th Security Police Squadron and my time in Nam.

Welcome Home, to those who served, died and still feel the affects of the gift of Agent Orange.

Be proud of your service, you deserve the respect .

Paul Matteo

Name:  Charles Penley  (377th Combat Security Police Squadron)Jan 28, 2023
Comments:  Wishing that 2023 will be better than 2022 for each and every one of you.