3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
January 31 - February 07, 1968

This webpage is designed for those U.S. Army personnel who were physically
involved in the "Battle for Tan Son Nhut" during the TET Offensive, 1968.
In the September-October 2014 Military Review, page 44, is a good article pertaining to Gen. Glenn K. Otis. It is at URL: http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/MilitaryReview/Archives/English/MilitaryReview_20141031_art009.pdf
Squadron Commander
LTC Glenn K. Otis
      Call Sign: Saber-06
LTC Glenn K. Otis
Squadron Commander
November 1967 – May 1968

Deceased: February 21, 2013, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Most noted for his brilliant leadership during the battle for Tan Son Nhut airbase on January 31, 1968.

An attacking force of 2,500 communist troops were attempting to overrun the base from the vicinity of a textile factory on the opposite side of Highway 1.

When requested to provide relief to the beleaguered base defenders, then LTC Otis immediately dispatched two line platoons of C Troop along with C Troop HQ elements, with orders to link up with and place themselves under the command of the base defenders.
Troop B, 3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
1LT Robert Adamski
Saber Bravo-2

PFC Gerald L. Fitts
(Killed In Action, TET )

1LT Rolland Fletcher, JR
Artillery Fire Support Officer

1LT Joseph A. Gallo
Saber Bravo-3
Platoon Leader
SP4 David Garrod
Saber Bravo-6X
RTO and Driver for Capt Otis
1LT Andrew Gerrie
XO, for Capt Otis

SP4 Ron Goodman
Saber Bravo-65
Radio, Meahanic
PFC Ken Hardesty
Saber Bravo-??
Scout Gunner
PFC Thomas F. Higgins
Saber Bravo-2
PFC Everett W. Johnson, Jr.
(Killed In Action, TET )

PFC Anthony E. Kozlinski
Saber Bravo-2

SP5 Ed McKenna
Saber Bravo-65
Track Cdr, Commo Chief
Capt Malcolm D. Otis
Saber Bravo-6
Troop Commander
SP4 Edward M. Pike
Saber Bravo-??
(Killed In Action, TET )
SSGT Glen T. Pike
Saber Bravo-??
2nd Platoon, Infantry Sq Ldr
SP4 Willie H. Porter
Saber Bravo-65
Driver, Commo Track
SP5 Jim Ross
Saber Bravo-40
Radar, Track Cdr
Bob Trego, Jr.
Saber Bravo-37
SP4 Vernon C. Wilderspin
(Killed In Action, TET )
SSGT Dave Xanten
Saber Bravo-17
(Wounded in Action)
PFC Gerald L. Fitts Johnson SSgt Edward M. Pike SP5 Jim Ross Vernon C. Wilderspin

Troop C, 3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
Sgt Ted Bagley
Saber Charlie-10
SP4 Ralph A. Ball
Saber Charlie-31
APC Driver
SP5 Dwight W. Birdwell
Saber Charlie-35
Tank Gunner
Sp4 Russell "Cowboy" Boeham
Saber Charlie-23
APC Driver
SSgt Ron E. Breeden
Saber Charlie-35
Tank Cdr, Acting Plt Sgt
SSgt Gary D. Brewer
Saber Charlie-30
APC, Acting Plt Ldr
SP4 Mike Christie
Saber Charlie-32 or
Saber Charlie-33
John Cotton
Saber Charlie-__
SP4 Roger B. Crowell
(Killed In Action, TET )

PFC Richard F. Cuff
Saber Charlie-20
APC Driver
SSgt John R. Danylchuk
Saber Charlie-38
SP4 _______ Dean
Saber Charlie-35
PFC Robert M. Finnegan
Saber Charlie-6, Scout Driver
(Killed In Action, TET )
SP4 Dean A. Foss
Saber Charlie-35
Platoon Mechanic
Andrew Giordano
Saber Charlie-13
APC, Scout
_______ Good
Saber Charlie-__
Lt Ted Hardies
Saber Charlie-__
SP4 Oliver R. Jones
Saber Charlie-20
APC, Medic
SSG Roy Kennard
Saber Charlie-15
Tank, Plt Sgt
SP4 Earnie Kimbrell
Saber Charlie-40
Radar Track, Driver
_______ Lancey
Saber Charlie-35
Tank, Driver
1Lt Richard L. Larcom
Saber Charlie-20
Platoon Leader
Sgt Troy A. Littlejohn
(Killed In Action, TET )
Sp4 Norman L. Long
(Killed In Action, TET )
PFC Ralph M. Martinez

Richard Marzo
Saber Charlie-55
Track Commander, VTR, M-88
2LT James P. Pinto
Saber Charlie-20
Platoon Leader
SP4 Albert J. Porter
PFC Philip T. Randazzo
Saber Charlie-2

SP4 Richard J. Rhodes
(Killed In Action, TET )

PFC John F. Rourke
Saber Charlie-39
SP4 Carlos Ruiz
Saber Charlie-38
Infantry Track
2LT Donald J. Russin
Tank, Plt Ldr

Capt Bill Shaffer
Saber Charlie-6

SP5 Dennis Smith
Saber Charlie-40
Radar Track, TC
Norman Smith
Saber Charlie-2_
Lead Tank
SP5 Harold R. Stafford
(Killed In Action, TET )
__________ St Augustine
Saber Charlie-20
Tank Commander
SSgt Patrick J. Strayer
(Killed In Action, TET )

SGT Gerald D. Sullivan
_______ Thomas
Saber Charlie-__

1LT Richard Thomas
Saber Charlie-6
Artillery Fire Support Officer
SP4 Steve Uram
Saber Charlie-13
SP4 Anthony F. Vanhulle II
(Killed In Action, TET )

SP4 Murray L. Veron
(Killed In Action, TET )

Capt Leo B. Virant II
Saber Charlie-6
Troop Commander
Michael W. Webster
Saber Charlie-21
SSgt John White
Saber Charlie-31
APC, Scout Leader 
PFC Robert D. Wolford
Saber Charlie-31
APC, Gunner
1LT Daniel Wright
XO for Capt Virant

Ted Bagley SP4 Ralph Ball SP5 Dwight W. Birdwell SP4 Russell 'Cowboy' Boeham SSG Gary D. Brewer SP4 Roger B. Crowell PFC Richard F. Cuff SP4 Dean A. Foss SP4 Oliver R. Jones SP5 Troy A. Littlejohn Richard Marzo 1LT James Pinto SP4 Richard J. Rhodes SP4 Carlos A. Ruiz Capt Bill Shaffer SP5 Harold R. Stafford SSG Patrick J. Strayer SP4 Steve Uram 1LT Richard Thomas SP4 Anthony F. Vanhulle II SP4 Murray L. Veron Capt Leo B. Virant Michael W. Webster SSgt John White PFC Robert D. Wolford

Troop D, 3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
SP4 Edward M. Pike
Aero-Rifle platoon.
(Killed In Action, TET )
SP4 Edward M. Pike
Troop C, HQ Plt, 3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
Wheeled Vehicles
Saber Alpha-08        1ST Sgt
Saber Alpha-07        1St Sgt's 3/4 Ton Truck
Saber Alpha-10        HQ Commander's Track Saber Alpha-??        Troop Commanders Jeep
Saber Alpha-40        Radar Track Saber Alpha-??        Supply, 2 1/2 Ton Truck
Saber Alpha-41        Radar Track Saber Alpha-??        Maintenance 2 1/2 Ton Truck
Saber Alpha-55        Medic, M113, Attached from HHT Saber Alpha-??        Maintenance 5 Ton Wrecker
  Saber HQ-??             Mess Team, 2 1/2 Ton Truck, Att. from HHT
Troop-C, 3rd Sq, 4th Cav, 25th Inf Div
1st Platoon
2nd Platoon
3rd Platoon
Saber Charlie-10         Platoon Leader Saber Charlie-20         Platoon Leader Saber Charlie-30         Platoon Leader
Saber Charlie-11        Scout Section Leader Saber Charlie-21        Scout Section Leader Saber Charlie-31        Scout Section Leader
Saber Charlie-12        Scout Section Saber Charlie-22        Scout Section Saber Charlie-32        Scout Section
Saber Charlie-13        Scout Section Saber Charlie-23        Scout Section Saber Charlie-33        Scout Section
Saber Charlie-14        Scout Section Saber Charlie-24        Scout Section Saber Charlie-34        Scout Section
Saber Charlie-15        Tank Saber Charlie-25        Tank Saber Charlie-35        Tank
Saber Charlie-16        Tank Saber Charlie-26        Tank Saber Charlie-36        Tank
Saber Charlie-17        Tank Saber Charlie-27        Tank Saber Charlie-37        Tank
Saber Charlie-18         Infantry Squad Saber Charlie-28         Infantry Squad Saber Charlie-38         Infantry Squad
Saber Charlie-19         Mortar Team Saber Charlie-29         Mortar Team Saber Charlie-39         Mortar Team
                    Saber Charlie-40       Radar Team
For the below named individuals, tell me which troop to put your name in. Please let me know which vehicle you were in. Please contact: .
3/4 Cav, awarded the Presidential Unit Citation

Col John R. Thurmand III – Div Art Cdr, landed and saved LTC Otis outside the wire.

LTC Tronsrue, 1/18 Inf, minus Company D

Centaur-6 – Troop D Commander, who is he by name and rank?

Capt Charles K. Flint III, (LNO) Artillary Liasion Officer – West Point – Dist Service Cross

WO1 Michael D. Siegel – Lift Plt Pilot – Distinguished Service Cross

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