Photograph by  ©  James W. Deakins

Those who served between 1965-1966
 Allen, John W.  A2C  65-66  
 Arvai, Robert  A2C  65-66  
 Cappel, John A.  A2C  Oct/65 - Oct66  
 Coker, Carlis K.  A1C  65-66  
 Daniel, Leni J.  A2C  65-66  
 Godfrey, Wiley  A2C  65-66  
 Grant, Carrol  A1C  65-66  
 Heishman, James L.  A2C  65-66  
 Higginbotham, John A.  A2C  65-66  
 Illia, Kevin R.  A2C  65-66  
 Kackley, Gary A.  A2C  Oct/65 - Oct/66  
 Kelsay, Jackie W.  A1C  65-66  
 Lahman, Lewis Mike  A1C  65-66  
 McGreevy, N. R.  A2C  65-66  
 Palmer, John R.  A2C  65-66  
 Pintar, Daniel A.  A2C  65-66  
 Ra?gd, Jerry K.  A1C  65-66  
 Randahl, Douglas L.  A1C  65-66  
 Shevock, John S.  A1C  65-66  
 Smith, Norman G.  A1C  65-66  
 Snipes, Tommy E.  A2C  65-66  
 Stutler, Randy
 Jane Lew, WV
 A1C  Oct/65 - Nov/66  
 Taylor, Robert F.  SSgt  65-66  
 Vignola, Arthur C.  A2C  65-66  
Those who served between 1966-1967
 McNeil, Joe    66-67  
377th Security Police Squadron
APO U.S. Forces96307

Hq 7th Air Force Security Post #3

14 August 1967

AFSSO Entry Controller

1.  PURPOSE:  To establish entry procedures for the 7th Air Force AFSSO Compound.

2.  GENERAL:  The Air Force Special Security Office (AFSSO) is located within the 7th Air Force Compound.  This facility contains highly sensitive communications equipment and intelligence information.   This area consists of five permanent type buildings and three H-1 type vans.  A ten foot chain link fence surrounds the entire area, with the entry control point located on the southside of the area.

3.  EQUIPMENT:  Uniform will be IAW Sq Reg 35-1, par 1, and in addition, blue web belt with chrome buckle, black swivel holster worn on the right side and ammunition pouch worn on the left side, radio, blue scarf, whistle (preferably sivler) and Security Police Shield.

4.  HOURS:  This post will be manned by one Security Policeman 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.

5.  RESPONSIBILITIES:  Insure that only authorized personnel are granted access to the AFSSO Compound.


     a.  Entry into the AFSSO Compound will be gained by use of six (6) different types of badges, AF Form 1199c and will be used in the following manner.

          (1)  GREEN BORDER:   Permanent picture badge 1199c.  This badge includes the bearers photo, name, rank, serial number, and description.  No escort or notification required.

          (2)  GREEN BORDER "V":   Access with this badge is granted only after a signature from the AFSSO or from someone on the special roster signed by the AFSSO and OIC of Law Enforcement is obtained.  Escort is not required.

          (3)  YELLOW BORDER:  This badge includes the bearer's photo, name, rank, serial number, and description.  No escort or AFSSO notification required.

          (4)  YELLOW BORDER "V":   Access with this badge is granted only after a signature from the AFSSO or from someone on the special access roster signed by the AFSSO and OIC of Law Enforcement is obtained.  No escort required.

          (5)  BLUE BORDER:   There are two types of these badges, one with name, rank and serial numbers of bearers and one without.  The one with name, rank and serial numbers do not require sign in and out but do require an escort by a member of the 6994th SS.   The one without name, etc., requires AFSSO notification, sign in and out and escort.  These badges do not have pictures.  NOTE:  Should a BLUE BORDER picture badge be created, it will be treated the same as the GREEN or YELLOW picture badges.

          (6)  RED BORDER "V":   This is a temporary badge and requires the bearer to be signed in and escorted while in the AFSSO Compound by a member of the AFSSO or member listed on the special access roster as stated above.  The AFSSO must be called prior to admitting a RED bade.

     b.  For visitors TDY for an extended period, the AFSSO will prepare a GREEN or YELLOW visitors number badge with name, rank, serial number and effective dates of the badge, typed and scotch taped to the badge.  Example:  Col John J. Doe, FR 12345, 1-15 December 1966.  Access with tese badges made up by AFSSO will be permitted only after the individual's ID card has been checked.  The taped name, (etc) will be removed by you the day following expiration.  (In example above, 16 December 1966.)  For 7th Air Force general officers (list provided and signed by the senior AFSSO officer) a GREEN numbered "V" visitors badge will be issued.  7th Air Force general officers may be authorized entrance without signing in and out, but their ID cards will be checked unless you personally recognize the individual.  AFSSO notification required but not escorted.

     c.  At no time will Vietnamese personnel be allowed into the compound without an AFSSO escort, and without being checked by your.

     d  Insure that the senior AFSSO, AFSSO Duty Officer, or NCO is contacted by phone for individuals requiring access but who do not have an AFSSO Restricted Area badge.

     e  Insure that all badges remain at the gate house not in use inside of the compound.

     f  You are required to check all unclassified waste material being taken from the AFSSO Compound for the following:

          (1)  It will not be taken out in a burn bag.

          (2)  It will be taken out between 0730 -  1800 hours.

          (3)  It must all be unburnable material.   Also the person taking unclassified unburnable waste from the compound must present to you a signed Unclassified Waste Certificate.&nbs; You are to fill in the date and local time it is presented to you and filed in the Unclassified Waste Certificate card box.  The AFSSO will pick up these cards periodically.  NOTE:   All classified and unclassified burnable waste will be burned inside the AFSSO Compound.  The only waste material that goes out of the compound will be unclassified and unburnable.  If any of the above criterial are not met, do not allow the material to leave the compound.  Call the AFSSO immediately.

     g.  Familiarize yourself with personnel assigned and or frequenting the compound.

     h.  Comply with your eleven (11) Security Instructions and remain constantly alert.

     i.  Stand at attention when general officers enter or depart your area.

     j.  You will insure that your post and area is kept neat and clean at all times.


     a.  The type of badges issued to visiting individuals is controlled by the AFSSO.  You will contact the AFSSO duty officer or NCO at ext. 4675 during the hours of darkness for the perimeter lighting or any other problems that may occure.  You will never enter any of the buildings in the compound unless escorted or authorized by ther senior AFSSO officer, AFSSO Duty Officer or NCO.  If entry is required wear a RED badge and obtain an escort.  In cases of emergency that badge and escort for you and other Security Policemen can be waived, this is for VC and/or mortar attacks.

     b  When issuing picture badges compare the picture with the requester to insure he gets the proper badge.

     c  Never allow badges to remain within reach for or take their own badge from your guard house.

     d.  You must know the personnel on the posted sign-in roster.  These individuals will possess a GREEN or YELLOW picture badge, if you do not know the individual, compare the badge to the individual.

     e.  In the event of a mortar attack, you will immediately take cover in the sandbag bunker adjacent to your post.  You will remain especially alert and maintain security of your post and area.  Attempt to control the action of all other personnel within your immediate area by advising them to take cover.  Be prepared for any possible enemy action and report any such activity to the Securit Police Desk Sergeant.

8.  You will not:

     a.  Accept any packages for safekeeping and/or delivery.

     b.  Smoke, eat or chew gum unless done so discretely.

     c.  Have any commercial radios, reading or writing materials on post.

Law Enforcement Operations Officer

Those who served between 1967-1968
 Cook, Michael J.    Mar/67-Mar/68  
 Librera, Dominick    Mar/67-Mar/68  

Those who served between 1968-1969
 Clifford, Tim  Sgt  May/68-May/69  
 Fike, Stephen A.
 Richardson, TX
 Sgt  Aug/68-Aug/69  
Those who served between 1969-1970
 Creecy, Rodney B.
 Richardson, TX
 Sgt  70-Nov/70  
 Karriker, Donald E.
 Concord, NC
 Sgt  Nov/69-Nov/70  
 Stauffer, Charlie
 Glendora, CA
 Stickley, Calvin W. Jr.
 Las Vegas, NV
Those who served between 1970-1971
 Beaty, Roger K.  Sgt  01/70 - 01/71  
 Deakins, James W.  Sgt  01/70-01/71  
 Hickok, Paul M.  Sgt  70 - 71  
 Vermillion, Frank  Sgt  70 - 71  
Those who served between 1971-1972
 Gilliam, Ronald E.  Sgt  06/71 - 06/72  
 Ismael, David  TSgt  06/71 - 06/72  
Those who served between 1972-1973
 Murry, Patrick
 Quincy, IL
   03/72 - 02/73