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JANUARY 01, 1959 - APRIL 30, 1973

The buildings found on this page are those not found on the TSNA website.

Information compiled by Charles Penley and Bob Laymon       Click on the "Blue Lettering"

Tan Son Nhut Main Base, building numbers, building names and some phone numbers  (Click building names highlighted in blue.)
 Building #               Building name  Phone #
 0052  Unknown building
 0054  Unknown building
 0055  Unknown building
 0062  Hq Office of Special Investigations District 50
 0124  377th Security Police Squadron Armory  
 0127  Unknown use of the building  
 0201  377th Transportation Squadron, Orderly Room
 0202  377th Transportation Squadron, Motor Pool
 0209  377th Security Police Squadron Motor Pool  
 0212  377th Security Police Squadron Motor Pool  
 0496  Detachment 1, Field Maintenance Squadron  
 0555  Unknown building  
 0580  12th RITS Barracks  
 0584  19th Special Operations Squadron  
 0602  Base Operations, Tan Son Nhut Pax Services, 377th ABW/DO, Scatback Operations (T-39A, VC-47D, VC-118A, VC-54E,
 VC-123K "White Whale" and U-3B) and Flight-line Dispensary
 0751  Unknown Barracks  
 0757  377th HQ Squadron Section  
 0811  2d Aerial Port Group    0822  K-9 Barracks having a party  
 0824  K-9 Barracks  
 0829  377th Civil Engineering Sqdn  
 0857  6994th Security Squadron  
 0862  6994th Security Squadron  
 0877  GEEIA Building  
 0869  Martins Manor  
 0869  Pacific Stars and Stripes newspaper story, Martins Manor  (Monday, May 30, 1966, page 26)  
 0917  Transit Quarters  
 0946  Unknown barracks  
 0955  834th Air Division, Detachment 1  
 0955  834th Air Division, Detachment 1  
 1105  Warehouse  
 1127  Military Affiliate Radio Station (MARS)  
 1211  377th Transportation Squadron Barracks  
 1222  460th TRW Orderly Room  
 1226  PMEL Barracks  
 1234  377th CAMS, Scatback T-39, Barracks  
 1256  16th Tactical Recon Squadron  
 1260  460th TRW building  
 1263  360th Tactical Electronical Warfare Squadron billets
 1273  Scatback Barracks  
 1277  Swimming Pool, adjacent to bldg 1277  
 1294  Headquarters, 1st Weather Group  
 1300  1300 Area Entrance  
 1302  Security Police Barracks  
 1304  Security Police Barracks  
 1311  Security Police Barracks  
 1319  Security Police Barracks  
 1510  Unknown Barracks  
 2418  Unknown Building  
 4018  Base Reproduction, Photograph #1
 Base Reproduction, Photograph #2
 100-P Alley  100-P Alley, Off Limits Sign, Pre-1966  
 377th Dispensary Door  Dispensary Door  
 Burn Barrel  Tan Son Nhut burn barrel incinerator  
 Central Security Control  Central Security Control  
 Davis Station  Davis Station Gate  
 Davis Station  Davis Station Aerial  
 Golf Course  Tan Son Nhut golf course  
 Site Octopus  Site Octopus  
 Surgeon Sign  Surgeon Sign  
 Unknown Shack  This is the shack where they made sandwiches for sale.  
 VNAF Officers' Club  Vietnamese Officers' Club  
 Willard Compound Entrance  Willard Compound entrance  

Saigon Buildings  (Click building names highlighted in blue.)
 Building #               Building name  Phone #
 Arizona BOQ  BOQ Arizona, Saigon, Vietnam  
 Capitol Hotel  BEQ Capitol Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam  
 Canberra Hotel  BEQ Canberra Hotel, Saigon, Vietnam  
 Horn Hall  BEQ Horn Hall, Saigon, Vietnam  
 Idaho BOQ  BOQ Idaho, Saigon, Vietnam  
 Metropole BEQ  BEQ Metropole, Saigon, Vietnam  
 US Embassy, Original  US Embassy, Original
 119 Bgyteb - Gye Street  USO Saigon
 606 Tran Hung DAO  1st Military Assistance Command Vietnam