Entrance to the 377th Security Police Squadron: 1300 Area
Photographed by: © Randy M. Snyder
Welcome to the Best Un-Official Homepage of the Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, 377th Combat Security Police Squadron, Republic of Vietnam. This site is dedicated to all the brave men and women that served on the installation from 1961-1973.

This squadron's homepage is a family friendly location, as is all our related pages. Pull up one of our comfortable dayroom chairs, sit down, lean back and raise your feet up, (keep an eye out for Top, though) and stay awhile. Enjoy yourselves, have a drink and some of the free snacks, being supplied by the USO. Talk with the other security policemen and get to know some of them personally and listen to the stories they have to tell. Enjoy the laughter, and in some cases, of their sorrow of the security policemen and canine working dogs, who did not make it home.

What you will observe on our site is Air Force and Vietnam related. Especially pertaining to Tan Son Nhut Air Base. We will do the best that we can, to make your time here a pleasant one. This site was begun out of love and respect for our fellow countrymen, all of our military personnel (where-ever they may be serving), and done out of a sense of duty and pride.

Also take the time to look at our links pages. Each link on this site is appropriate for family and friends. It has been checked by our personnel and we have concluded that only those links we feel are of the highest quality are presented. We sincerely hope you enjoy it here.

At last count our site was 83 pages in length, so take your time and enjoy your visit. Don't mind the way the place looks now, we are in the process of having a GI party and cleaning it all up.
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Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.
"The ultimate defenders of democracy and freedom."
"To fight when necessary, to go anywhere, at anytime, and Win."

Aerial View of the 377th SPS: 1300 Area
Which is directly East of the Main PX.
Photographed by: © Phil Rowe

Aerial view of the 377th SPS 1300 Area barracks.
Photographed by: © Jim Stewart
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377th Combat Security Police Squadron, noted personnel during:
"The Battle For Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Vietnam, Dec 4-5, 1966"
Lt. Col. Grove C. Johnson Capt. W. C. "Chuck" Henry Maj. Roger P. Fox TSgt Olbert H. Hiett SSgt Barry L. Habecker
A1C Tommy N. Shahan A1C Dale E. Sidwell A2C Wilbert B. Arrant A2C George Michael Bevich, Jr. A2C John Matthew Cole
A2C Alvin W. Curie A2C Lyle K. Davis A2C Richard E. Gary A2C Thaddeus M. "Ted" Janiak A2C Larry G. Laudner
A2C Leroy E. Marsh A2C Tommy C. Poole A2C Oliver John Riddle A2C Russell Simmons A2C Robert A. Throneburg
377th Combat Security Police Squadron, noted personnel during:
"The Battle For Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Vietnam:  'TET Offensive' Jan 31, 1968"
Lt. Col. Billy J. Carter Maj. Carl A. Bender Capt. Carl B. DeNisio 1Lt. Melvin G. Grover 1Lt. Gerald E. Ingalsbe
TSgt. James K. Bloom TSgt. Bernard C. Gifford TSgt. Billy M. Palmer Sgt. Steve Rivers A1C. Alan D. Tucker
SGT. Alonzo J. Coggins (O-51 Bunker)(Survivor) Sgt. William J. Cyr (O-51 Bunker)(KIA) Sgt. Louis H. Fischer (O-51 Bunker)(KIA) Sgt. Charles E. Hebron (O-51 Bunker)(KIA) Sgt. Roger B. Mills (O-51 Bunker)(KIA)
Sgt. Denis R. Cook Sgt. John Solis A1C. John F. Langley Sgt. Charles E. Penley Sgt. James A. Stewart
377th Combat Security Police Squadron, noted personnel during:
"The Battle For Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Vietnam:  'Mini-TET' May 6, 1968"
Sgt Dale R. Borland Sgt Bob Feeney Sgt David Kavchak Sgt Richard N. Rosen Sgt Robert Seiler
Sgt Jim Wilson Sgt James E. Wise A1C Alun M. Ellis Archie Blackmon John F. Baxter
Chuck Beatie Larry Bramblett Leonard Corwin Calvin Herdman Stan Morris
Louis Oliver Renato Della Porta David Thatcher

Attention to orders: To all the servicemen and women, past and present, in each branch of the services, having served your country in times of peace and war, we wish to convey our highest honor to you for your valuable services rendered and a salute to you all. To all the veterans of all wars, "Welcome Home."

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Graphic by: © Charles Penley