Laszlo Boross Jr.
SGT Laszlo Boross Jr.
Oct 13, 1947 - Jan 31, 1968
Panel 35E, Line 087

On Jan 31, 1968, SGT Boross, was part of Task Force-35, during TET 1968, Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, RVN.  SGT Boross was assigned to the 69th Signal Battalion.  At approximately 0320 hours the Attack on Tan Son Nhut, Air Base had began.  SGT Boross was called upon to help protect the Air Base along with the regular Security Police personnel.

Task Force-35 was sent to the West end of the runway to engage human waves of NVA and VC enemy.  The enemy had attempted to attack the installation from nine different locations.  It was in the vicinity of the 0-51 Bunker, on the extreme West end of the installation, that SGT Boross was mortally wounded and succumbed to his wounds.

The Sunday Home News
New Brunswick, NJ
Sunday, Feb 4, 1968

Sgt L. L. Boross

Edison - For Mr. and Mrs. Laszlo L. Boross, Sr., of 9 Mecker Street, tomorrow was to have been a day of celebration for the return of their son, Army Sgt. Laszlo L. Boross Jr., from 10 months' duty in Vietnam.

The celebration has turned to tragedy.

Mr. and Mrs. Boross were notified Friday that their 20 year old son died of chest injuries on Jan. 31, the day before he was to leave for home. The Official notification indicated that he was killed at an airbase in or near Saigon.

The notification was also painful to Borross' 17 year old fiance, Donna Micholic, of Carteret, whom he was to marry this summer.

Instead of planning a welcome home party for their son, the Boross' made plans for his funeral while awaiting notification of the return of his body.

The youth was born in Budapest, Hungary and enlisted in the Army three years ago. He completed a high school equivalency program while in the service.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by a sister, Mrs. Clara Gogas, of 1451 Fela Street, North Brunswick.