SGT Roger Bertha Mills
Aug 30, 1946 - Jan 31, 1968
Panel 36E, Line 025

Photograph courtesy of Larry Blades
On Jan 31, 1968, Sgt Mills was manning the 0-51 Bunker, Echo Sector, Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, RVN.  He was being assisted by four other Security Policemen, on this fateful night.  A human wave of NVA and VC attacked Tan Son Nhut from thirteen different directions.  Sgt Mills' bunker was hit first and four of the five Security Policemen would lose their life this night. Sgt Mills being one of them.

Sgt Mills is buried at the US Army Cemetery in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.
Sgt Robert Bertha Mills Obituary

Sgt Roger Bertha Mills, 21, of Harve de Grace, was reported killed in action during a Viet Cong attack on Tan Son Nhut Airport, in Saigon last wednesday, according to advise received from the Defense Department, by his mother, Mrs. Bertha L. Mills.

Sgt Mills, an air policeman, had been in Vietnam, on his second year of duty, since the end of December.  He served his first tour in 1966, and was stationed in Saigon, on both tours.

The sergeant, according to his mother requested a six month extension of his Air Force duty, in order to complete his second year there, "in an effort to do what he could for the cause."  His four year enlistment was to end in July of this year, after which he hoped to become a policeman in Washington, DC.

Born in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Sgt Mills had spent most of his life in Harve de Grace and before enlisting in the Air Force, resided with his mother, at the B&H Trailer Park.

He was a graduate of the Aberdeen High School, Class of 1964, where he was a football halfback, and also wrestled there.

In addition to his mother, he is survived by his father, Roger Mack Mills, a brother, Ralph Mills and a sister, Hazel Mills, both of Harve de Grace.