Mass Grave
Photograph by  ©  Roger P. Fox
Mass grave of VC/NVA soldiers who attempted to overrun Tan Son Nhut, Air Base during TET 1968.  The inscription reads:   "This is the resting place of those soldiers lost on the night of the first day of TET 1968.  Their spirits beg all countrymen to wholeheartedly work so that peace will come quickly to our beloved Vietnam."
So what did you think?  The only location I know of, for the remains of the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong, is the 157 enemy soldiers that were killed on the military installation during TET 1968.  The enemy was buried on the west end of Tan Son Nhut Air Base, between the two taxiways.   A rather large trench was constructed by a bull-dozer and the bodies were lined up inside the trench and lime was readily applied prior to the actual covering of the mass grave site, with dirt.  There were over 600 NVA/VC bodies that were counted and who were buried off the installation near the western end of the base.
Vietnam 1968