Songs of the TET Offensive
Songs of the TET Offensive
By Charles E. Penley

  1. Reserve Security Alert Team (RSAT)

Walk Don't Run
  2. Central Security Command (CSC) Let's Lock The Door
  3. SSgt Hicks Gotta Keep Searching (find a place to hide)
  4. TET Offensive The Happening
  5. TSgt Hurley Gotta Beg, Borrow or Steal
  6. Security Pollice Squadron to 11th Cavalry Where Were You When We Needed You?
  7. What the world thinks of the 377th SPS Toy Soldiers
  8. What "Viet Cong" say We Fought the Law and the Law Won
  9. Lt. Col. Billy J. Carter Help, I Need Somebody
10. General Westmoreland thinks about "TET" Tears On My Pillow
11. Quad .50 Caliber Weapon Big Man In Town
12. Why we won the "TET" Offensive Do You Believe In Magic
13. "TET" Truce Broken Words - Broken Promises
14. Central Security Control (CSC) Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
15. "Viet Cong" Theme Keep On Running
16. "Tan Son Nhut" Theme We're On The Eve Of Destruction
17. "Ho Chi Minh" Theme Oh, It's Crying Time Again
18. "Base Chaplain's" Theme You Saw Me Crying In The Chapel
19. Central Security Control after eight hours of "TET" Do What You Wanna Do
20. "Viet Cong" when they departed Tan Son Nhut Catch Us If You Can

Author:   Charles E. Penley
               SFC (RET), USA