For the men of the 69th Signal BN, who were involved in the TET Offensive, Jan 31, 1968, you were put in for the Presidential Unit Citation, 07 Feb 1969.

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The 69th Signal Battalion (A) and its assigned and attached units, distinguished itself by extraordinary heroism while engaged in military operations from 30 January 1968 - 18 February 1968, TET Offensive, in support of MACV, USARV, FWMAF and Tan Son Nhut Air Base, as per "Operation Plan Syracuse."

Task Force 35 consisted of three (3) Army platoons.  Known as Army-1, Army-2 and Army-3.

Army-1 consisted of approximately thirty personnel:
 Gifford, Bernard  (TSgt, USAF NCOIC)  377th Security Police Sqdn  
 Farris, (Sgt)  377th Security Police Squadron  
 Rojas, Isabel V.  (1LT)  69th Signal Battalion  
 Boross, Laszlo, Jr.  (Sgt, KIA, Jan 31 1968)  HHC 69th Signal Battalion  
 Brotherton, James E.  69th Signal Battalion  
 Conner, Garry W.  (SP5, Driver, lead truck)  69th Signal Battalion  
 Ford, Ken  HHD, 69th Signal Battalion  
 Geary, Larry W.  69th Signal Battalion  
 Hewitt, Tom  A Co, 69th Signal Battalion  
 Hixson, Jerry Jr.  HHD, 69th Signal Battalion  
 Kroenberg, Dake  A Co, 69th Signal Battalion  
 Loomis, Skip  69th Signal Battalion  
 Michell, John  69th Signal Battalion  
 Nielson, John L.  (PFC, KIA, Jan 31, 1968)  HHC 69th Signal Battalion  
 Schaumloffel, David.  A Co, 69th Signal Battalion  
 Schroeder, Robert  69th Signal Battalion  
 Shearon, Tom  69th Signal Battalion  
Army-2 consisted of approximately thirty personnel:
 Ott, Robert E. (SSgt, USAF, NCOIC, WIA)  377th Security Police Sqdn  
 Felton, Robert (1LT)  69th Signal BN  
 Alberts, Al (PFC)  69th Signal BN  
 Burton, Elwood  69th Signal BN  
 Monahan, Gary  Co. D., 110th Trans Co  
 Powell, David  69th Signal BN  
 Whipple, Daniel B.  U.S. Army
 Aviation Materiel Management Center
Army-3 consisted of approximately thirty personnel:
 Byrne, James  58th Transportation Battalion