Charles Henry's Staff Visit Report
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Security Police Staff Visit, 3 - 4 April 1967

377th Cmbt Spt Gp (C)

1. This headquarters is deeply concerned about the deficiencies reflected in the attached staff visit report. Several of the deficiencies have been previously cited by this or higher headquarters, i.e., protection of funds, customs program, security police training and an inadequate OPLAN 207-XX. The disregard of directivies of higher headquarters cannot be condoned.

2. Immediate action will be taken to correct the deficiencies set forth in the attached report. Advise this headquarters by 1 May 67 of the specific actions taken on items 3, 4, and 5. in the event corrective action cannot be completed on an item prior to 1 May 67, a "get well" date will be included in your reply. All "get well" dates will constitute suspense dates for subsequent reports indicating completed actions.


Chief of Staff                                                                    Report of Staff Visit,
                                                                                             11 Apr 67

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