(8)  180 rounds of ammunition per M-16/CAR-15
                    (9)  Rifleman will have 24 rounds of 40 mm (HE) grenade ammunition
                    (10) Two M-26 grenades

          d. Special Equipment for M-113 Vehicles:

                    (1)  Two automatic weapons (50 caliber machine gun, M-60
(to be used by RSAT) )
                    (2)  40 slap flares (twenty to be used by RSAT)
                    (3)  50 extra magazines of M-16 ammunition - 18 rounds per magazine
                    (4)  One two-way portable radio

          e. M-113 Vehicles will:

                    (1)  Not depart their assigned post without the permission of CSC.

                    (2)  When on patrol assignment, continuously patrol their
area of responsibility, being cautious not to set a pattern and being
knowledgeable of all routes in and out of their area.

                    (3)  Under normal security conditions the vehicle will not
be driven on taxiways or runways, in the cantonment area shown on
attached map.

                    (4)  Insure crew members always wear helmets when the vehicle
is in operation.

                    (5)  Designate one crew member to be on the ground and guide
the M-113 any time the vehicle is in Scout or wherever there is lack
of visibility to the driver.

3.  Special Missions:

          a.  The primary mission of the M-113 vehicle is to transport,
deploy and support Reserve Security Alert Teams to hostile fire areas
as directed by CSC.  Additional special missions are:

                    (1)  Fire Support:  M-113 units will provide direct fire sup-
port only upon direction of CSC or in the event of an overt ground
attack within your assigned Security Sector.  The vehicle commander
will insure friendly troops are withdrawn from the fire zone before
direct fire is commenced. If at all possible, direct fire missions
will be coordinated through CSC/JDOC.  When called upon to deliver a
direct fire support mission the vehicle commander will insure that
the maximum fire power is utilized.  The vehicle commander will use
his discretion as to what automatic/organic weapons are employed.

Donated by Ray Rash
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