This will be based upon the situation and present threat at that time,
plus the instructions received from CSC.

          (2)  Resupply:  M-113 units will be prepared to furnish re-
supply ammunition upon direction of CSC.  This will include M-16, M-60,
and 40 mm ammunition.  M-113 units will proceed to a predetermined
point to obtain ammunition resupply upon direction of CSC.  Upon
direction of CSC the M-113 unit will proceed to a specific post/area
(as directed by CSC) for the purpose of resupply.  While enroute to
the specific post/area the M-113 commander will insure his machine-
gunner maintains close security over the entire area and will instruct
him to return fire to that of an enemy.  During a resupply mission
the M-113 commander will bear in mind that his is a resupply mission
and will not stop to engage the enemy.  Upon completion of resupply,
the M-113 unit will replenish his ammunition supply at the predeter-
mined resupply point as soon as possible.

          (3)  Evacuation:  Victor units will provide for the evacuation
of personnel as directed by CSC.  Evacuation of personnel will include
WIA, KIA or friendly forces that are pinned down by hostile fire and
are unable to extract themselves from the situation.  during an evacu-
ation of personnel the M-113 commander will insure security of the
vehicle and crew.  Suppressive fire will be employed by the M-113
unit in order to evacuate the personnel concerned, if necessary.

          (4)  Protective Measures Against RPG/B-40 Weapons Fire:  M-113
commanders will insure that their vehicle is not placed in any Rocket
Propelled Grenade (RPG) or B-40 rocket kill zone, if possible.  The
RPG/B-40 rocket is accurate to approximately 350 yards.  Minimize your
travel on perimeter roads near the outer perimeter.  Maintain a suit-
able speed when on patrol and never stop your vehicle next to the
outer perimeter - unless necessary to engage a hostile force.  When
parking for observation, position your vehicle in such a manner as
to utilize present cover, i.e., trees, ground depressions, and always
position your vehicle so as to utilize maximum weapons fire should it
become necessary.

W.D. DORAN, Captain, USAF
Weapon Systems Security Operations Officer
1 Atch
Base Map Depicting
Prohibited M-113 Areas
of Use.

Donated by Ray Rash
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